Hello and welcome to my GoldWave tutorials page.

This page will be the place to find all of the GoldWave tutorials that I will be producing over the next several months. I will place a list of the subjects that I will be covering in each class rite under each header.
Things you will need for this series of tutorials.
1. A copy of the GoldWave program
2. A copy of the
latest GoldWave scripts for Jaws. Note it is not necessary to have Jaws to use this program, but things may not look the same to you if you are using another screen reader.
3. You should have good keyboard skills, and you should have a basic understanding of the Windows file system.
I will try to keep a copy of the latest Jaws scripts for GoldWave up on this page, but I can't always guaranty that I will have the latest version.
Last but not least, I wanted to get these classes out as soon as I could. I only did a quick scan of the audio. So I would like to apologize in advance for any errors you may find through out the tutorial.

Class number 1.

0:00. introduction
01:29. installation
05:53. GoldWave setup
12:56. authorizing GoldWave
14:57. installing the scripts
19:09. GoldWave setup part 2
36:50. presets, and starting a new file
45:35. basic keyboard commands
49:32. maximizing your audio
52:11. saving your audio file.
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class number 2

0:00. introduction
01:30. basic audio editing
21:15. saving your audio as a mp3 file
29:26. detailed editing part 1
41:55. editing hot keys part 1
47:41. detailed editing part 2
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Class number 3.

0:00. Introduction
01:07. other editing commands
20:52. voice overs
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Class number 4

0:00. Introduction
0:51. fade ins and fade outs
12:18. auto gain
30:10. the cross fader
46:55. changing the level of your audio
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Class number 5

0:00. introduction, note you will want to listen to this because I talked about JFW 12 verses JFW 11 well using GoldWave.
4:22. Checking and monitoring your recording levels.
17:24. the CD reading tool
48:10. the censor tool
click here to download class number 5 This page was last updated on Thursday, April 21, 2011